Friday, April 10, 2009

Fanciful Form and Emily Wiser Jewelry Make Etsy's Front Page

LinkFanciful Form's beautiful Bright Pink Lotus sculptures and Emily Wiser Jewelry's Spring Flowers and Blue Sky stacking rings made the front page of Etsy yesterday. Thanks to PetitOiseau, who created the treasury!

Fanciful Form makes her lotus blossoms by hand. It's attached to a wooden base and makes a beautiful, happy, and tranquil sculpture. My spring flowers and blue sky stacking rings are sterling silver with Arizona sleeping beauty turquoise, rose quartz, and mother of pearl cabochons.


Riverside Jewelry Designs said...

Awesome, guys! Congrats!

Jewelles said...

wow hello darlins nice Job!

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Rebecca said...

Beautiful! My favorite item, though is your engraved heart necklace.

kimberly said...

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