Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Give Away by Maria Goti Joyas!

Win this pendant by Maria Goti Joyas! Just post a comment telling us what you love from her shop! And, if you want, pick items from our other shops, too!

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Maria tells us about herself and her work in the interview below.
Q. Tell us a little about yourself.
A. My name is Maria and I'm 23. I live in Navia, a little town in the north coast of Spain in a community called Asturias. The best thing of living here is that Navia is a really quiet place. We have nearly all the facilities of a city concentrated in a little town but seasoned with sea, mountanins and countryside. You can relax walking trough the beach , the port... but also you can go shopping or to the gym. I think we have a good mix here and an enviable landscape.

Q. What kind of jewelry work do you do?
A. My jewelry is 100% handmade. I don't like wax casting though I learned how to do it. I prefer the direct contact with the metals and the uniqueness of something handmade. I work with sterling silver, natural gemstones with unique shapes and cultured pearls (I would like to point that I always hated pearls and look now!! You can never say never!!.) From some months ago I'm also including gold in my creations. What I like best doing is one of a kind pieces. I have a new collection in my Etsy shop that is called Criaturas Marinas (Sea Creatures) composed by ooak jewels featuring natural cabochons of fossilized corals. I really enjoyed working on that so if I could, I'd never repeat a piece. I easily get bored of doing the same day by day, I feel like I am stagnant. If you check my shop you'll see that I love oxidized silver and textures. Oxidized silver is a great opcion for combining it with colorful gemstones, it gives a great contrast and I like it a lot. I think that my designs are closer to the minimalism as I don't like very ornated jewelry.

Q. Where did you learn to make jewelry?
A. For making jewelry I studied in a jewelry school in Oviedo during 3 years. There I learned jewelry with a classical basis, gemmology, wax casting and setting. When I finished bachellor I decided that I wanted a job where I could use my imagination and also my hands. I didn't want to study years and years for ending working sitted in a desk, that is not for me. The fact is that since I was little I enjoyed arts and crafts and art was the subject I most enjoyed in school.

Q. What was your most exciting piece to make?
A. As I said before I enjoy every ooak piece I do but I think that I would choose the Verne Ring. I felt in love with labradorites since I bought some in my friend's Denise's Shop and I wanted to do something special with them. It also was the first time I included gold in my work.

Q. What is the most interesting story you have to tell about making a piece of jewelry?
A. Well, I would call it the most "creepy" story about making jewelry. Once I had to do a ring with a dissected beetle that a friend brought from a trip to Egypt. I couldn't believe that I had to do that so I tried to look at it as less as possible. Luckily for me I could end the ring without getting panic, I really don't like insects and less touching them neither if they don't move.

Q. Tell us about 3 of your pieces.
A. This is the first pendant/brooch I did from the Criaturas Marinas Collection. Once I did it tons of ideas emerged for making the rest of the colection, so I'll be including more pieces soon. It took me 13 hours for making it so is the piece that took me more work of everything I did.

A. This ring is the most strange piece I ever did. For me it was a therapeutic piece because it was the first ooak piece I did after being months going to craft shows with nearly the same items. I needed to break that monotony so I just improvised; and this is the result.

A. This is the first ring I made once I left the jewelry school and is also the ring I most sold since I started working on my own. I never could thought that this ring would have so sucess. I did it with a lot of different gemstones, but I'll always prefer it with black Onyx.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Cloud Moments Giveaway Winner

And the lucky winner is.... comment #128 by Whimsical Creations!

I even checked out the tweet :)

Congrats Melanie! For the rest of you, please don't despair. The new November giveaway will be posted soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome Musarra & Co.!

Please welcome our newest team member, Lisa Musarra of Musarra & Co. Musarra finds fabulous vintage jewelry and buttons and remakes them into modern jewelry! Musarra writes, " I love vintage in it's orginal form and recycled into modern. I love grandma's jewels and mom's jewels. Nothing better in my book than finding that perfect gem that you might not ever take another look at and changing it into something that you would die for....Well not really die, but you know what I mean."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Give-Away by Happy Cloud Moments

Win a $45 gift certificate from Happy Cloud Moments! Just post a comment telling us what you love from her shop! And, if you want, pick items from our other shops, too!

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Happy Cloud Moments is Joyce Chau, who lives in Germantown, Maryland, US of A.
Q. What is your favorite thing about where you live? What is it like living there?

A. My favorite thing is probably the cherry blossoms in the spring. I have always loved Japanese culture and what's more Japanese than cherry blossoms? When all the trees are blooming, I can pretend for just few seconds that I am on Mt Fiji in a buttercup yellow kimono, sipping green tea. It is very suburban here, but it's close enough to DC that I can enjoy city life if I feel like it. There are a lot of places to eat and hang out with my friends. I think it has a good balance of urban craziness and suburban sleepiness.
Q. What kind of jewelry work do you do? Why do you like doing it?

A. I do mostly sterling silver and Swarovski crystal jewelry with wirewrapping. I dabble into bead weaving, but in general, I don't weave or string. I also can't resist really cute charms such so I make charms for gadgets also. I love the movement of the beads when they are swinging on a chain. The way a pair of long dangly earrings or a Stardust bracelet sways with you is like having your own fairy groupies scattering fairy dust as you saunter around. I just love seeing that and being able to create that magic.

Q. What materials do you work with? What colors do you work with most?

A. I work with sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and pearls, cubic zirconia beads and lampwork glass charms. I tend to use warm colors and I am biased towards yellow and purple. Of course, clear crystals with AB coating is always a favorite.

Q. Describe your art education. Are you self-taught? How did you learn? What attracted you to making jewelry?

A. I have always loved art. Every time I had a chance to pick my extracurricular classes, I have picked various art classes like origami, drawing, painting, pottery and more. There were times that I would go to libraries to look at various craft and art books. I actually wanted to major in graphics designs, but decided on computer science. I did take a few computer animation courses and focused on computer graphics for my masters, so you can say that I never really left my love for the arts behind.

I am a fairly practical person, so I love jewelry because it's like art with a purpose. Besides, who can resist all those sparkly crystals?
Q. What was your most exciting piece to make and why?

A. Every new design is the most exciting piece for me at that moment. From the moment I get a design in my head to the moment I put the last bead on, I am excited. All my jewelry are like my children and I love them all equally.
Q. What is your most interesting/disasterous/funny story about making jewelry?
A. Right before my brother's wedding, I rushed to make a necklace and earrings set for my mom and I was so happy to be done. I left it on the table and went to get some water. I came back and saw my cute little puppy happily chewing on something on the couch. So, I went there to pet him and realized that he was happily chewing on the newly finished jewelry! He unraveled the pendant from the necklace and broke a few crystals in half in the 2 minutes that I was gone. I had to rewrap the pendant and remake the earrings instead of sleeping and getting ready for my trip the next day. There's nothing like seeing your work destroyed, even if it's by the cutest puppy in the world.

Q. Tell us about 3 of your pieces.

A. This is one of my Stardust bracelets. I love these bracelets and I have made them in a lot of different combinations. This bracelet is the reason I started making jewelry again. I think every girl should own something like this. It is a classic style, extremely sparkly, but not overly dressy. I made three for myself in yellow, purple and all clear. I wear them just about every day.

A. This is basically the most popular item in my store. I personally love stars and I was very excited when Swarovski came out with these beads last year. This necklace is simple but so delicate and pretty. I also have matching stud earrings and many other colors.

A. I think these are the cutest charms in the world. It's polymer clay doll heads with dress and shoes made from Swarovski crystals. They are great as charms for all your gadgets like phones, Nintendo DSi's, PSPs, and cameras. It is also perfect for hanging in your car. I learned how to make them when I traveled to Hong Kong last year.

Lizzie wins Licia Beads Gift Certificate

Lizzie (entry #103) wins Licia's Beads gift certificate. Congratulations, Lizzie!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Emily Wiser Jewelry on HGTV

Welcome Sue Davis Jewelry, Our Newest Member!

Sue Davis Jewelry is our newest member to our Etsy Jewelry Sampler Team. Sue is the Director of the Orchard Gallery in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and makes her living as an artist. Her specialities are painting, raku pottery, and of course jewelry! Of her beach stone pendants, Sue writes, "I made this pendant from stones I found along the shores of Lake Michigan. My husband, Steve, drilled holes in them for me. At the bottom of the stack of stones is a juniper berry we got on a recent trip to Utah."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Give-Away by Licia Beads!

Win a Licia Beads gift certificate and free shipping! Just post a comment to enter! And let us know what you love from everyone else's too! Feel free to ask if you have questions about the drawing. The contest is open until the end of September.

Want to know a little bit about Licia?

Q. Name? Like I don't know you!

A. Licia (Like Alicia, without the first A)

Q. City, State, Country?

A. Mukilteo, WA USA A little seaside town North of Seattle, complete with lighthouse, ferry crossing and waterfront train. There is even a tiny park with an ancient looking pear tree that has been spared in memory of the woman who kept an orchard long ago.

Q. What is your favorite thing about where you live? What is it like
living there?

A. I have lived in this region my entire life and even when I travel I miss the water the feel of the air that is here. There are many inspiring aspects to this area. We are set between mountain ranges with Puget Sound lapping at our feet. All four seasons are distinct and that lends to a rather short but lush growing season which allows us to make a living designing and building gardens for our other work. In winter the days are short and the nights cold which makes the holidays a perfect time to shift gears a little and concentrate on beads while the plants go dormant for the season.

Q. What kind of jewelry work do you do? Why do you like doing it?

A. I do a wide variety of jewelry work simply because I cannot keep my hands out of the pie and am always excited to learn new things. When I first started (20 years ago) I worked mostly with seed beads and czech glass simply because that was what my birthday income would buy. I was delighted when I got my first custom order from my keyboarding teacher (yes, it was an actual typewriter) which included actual gemstones. Her necklace contained Rose Quartz and Malachite with gold and it was the most expensive thing I had ever had the chance to make. Thru the years my seed bead work developed into weaving, and I started wire wrapping with gemstones and precious metals. Since finding Etsy and realizing that I could make additional income with the massive amounts of beads that I had hoarded away, I have been delighted to share! I have also began teaching individuals in a one on one basis at my home.

I like the repetition of simple work, and hard work, and the mingling details. I like that after a while it becomes something larger than itself and it can contain as much variety as I like. It's wonderfully rewarding to receive compliments and feedback from people who like my work and encourages me to carry on with it despite the sometimes silly things I weave up. I also adore gemstones and the characteristics unique to each one. They all deserve a special setting like the earthly treasures that they are. I picked up wire wrapping about a year before finding Etsy and am awestruck by some of the work that people can create.

Q. What materials do you work with? What colors do you work with most?

A. Well, I seem to have just about everything now, except fire. I don't have the proper space to use torches or other metal designing tools, but everything else I am willing to try at home. I use everything from gold, silver, glass, Lucite, pearls, gemstones and even fiber and paper.

I am a big fan of greens and tend to fill my shop up with them faster than anything else. I also like the less favorite colors like orange and browns. I don't have any particular favorite, and when it comes to gemstone colors I love them all!

Q. Describe your art education. Are you self-taught? How did you learn?

A. I am self taught when it comes to the jewelry making, I have a little education when it comes to pottery. Eventually I would love to build my studio. There are plans for a Japanese Teahouse style pottery studio on the back hill.

Q. What attracted you to making jewelry?

A. I'm not sure I have a definite answer to that. Initially it was snooping on my sister and her friends and wanting to copy them. I suppose I just never stopped. At this point I suppose it is just the need to work with my hands and create something beautiful that expresses something to someone. Being able to make something with my hands that can be cherished or enjoyed for it's qualities is appealing to me. Jewelry that passes thru generations develops it's own history and life and becomes a part of a person. It's a form of self expression, I just must do it.

Q. What was your most exciting piece to make and why? What is your most interesting/disasterous/funny story about making jewelry?

A. My most exciting... I'm not sure I would call it exciting, but it certainly has gathered the most attention. My Toilet Paper jewelry is quite the "hit". People like to be silly and jewelry is not usually the typical way to do that so they are most startled to see it. I have my own and it does gather attention and strange looks. Since they started I entered the Humor themed Beadweavers challenge with a special version of the TP pendant and won. As an added surprise, I sold the necklace and a custom order bracelet to go with it.

In fact, for the holidays this year my mother gifted me some of grandmas (faux) pearls and strung along them was an actual, full sized TP roll. The whole family laughed for a while over that one. I still have it next to my desk... I suppose for emergencies.

And here are 3 of Licia's favorite jewelry pieces!

1. The Curiosity Killed the Toilet Paper Beadweavers Challenge necklace (Challenge winner for June 2009)

2. Beadwoven Swarovski Rivoli based on my own design. I learned how to bead my own settings and really enjoy how they turn out. They make great little pendants, the hardest part is choosing colors to go with the crystal.

3. I also really like wirework because of its ability to let me do just about anything I can dream up. Actually doing it takes a lot of concentration and planning but the detail is more than I can do with any other medium. I like that about it, the greater the detail, the more I like it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CoryBethy Is Our Newest Team Member!

A big welcome to CoryBethy, our tenth and newest member of our Etsy Jewelry Sampler Team! CoryBethy makes fun and funky jewelry! Her charm-a-saurous pendant is just awesome! Of her pendant, CoryBethy writes, "This pendant is hand crafted of sterling silver. The big rectangular stone is fossilized dinosaur bone in a beautiful black and red mottled pattern. The small stone is a glass taxidermy eye in orangey-red. The pendant has been textured and distressed and the bezel is formed from a ribbed wire."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AmeGem Wins Emily Wiser Jewelry's Mother of Pearl Stacking Ring!

The results are in! Ame Gem wins Emily Wiser Jewelry's Mother of Pearl Stacking Ring. There were 41 entries for our July drawing, and I numbered the entries in the order they were posted. I got a random number generated by the Research Randomizer. #30 wins, which is Ame Gem. Congratulations, Ame Gem!

Friday, July 3, 2009

July Give-Away!

For our July Give-Away, I am giving away a mother of pearl stacking ring. All you have to do to enter is go to our team's shops and tell us what your favorite item is in the Comment section below. For each team member's shop you comment on, you get one entry!

Here's an example of an entry posted in the comments below:
1. Favorite item from Emily Wiser's shop is white topaz ring
2. Favorite item from Riverside Jewelry's shop is the silver stacking ring set.

This would mean you get 2 entries because you picked your favorite item from 2 different shops.

Our June Winner is Blue Violet!

BlueViolet won our June Team giveaway. She gets Riverside Jewelery's fabulous stacking ring set! There were 48 entries. I numbered each entry and used the Research Randomizer online to pick a random number for me. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

June Give Away!

We're starting monthly give aways! This month, we're giving away a beautiful sterling silver ring set by Riverside Jewelry Designs! Enter our give away by posting your favorite item from Riverside Jewelry Designs Etsy shop and by emailing us with answers to trivia questions. At the end of the month, we'll do a drawing and one winner will receive Riverside Jewelry Designs' sterling silver ring set!

For one entry: please post below which item you like best from Riverside Jewelry Designs's Etsy shop. Leave your etsy shop, facebook page, or email address in your post so we can contact you if you win!

For one entry for each correct answer: please email jewelrysamplerteam@yahoo.com with answers to the following questions:
1) Glassic Gems's Question: "When making beads, utilizing what, is first and foremost?"
2) Emily Wiser Jewelry's Question: "What colors of topaz do I sell in my shop?"
3) Riverside Jewelry Design's Question: "How many different styles of hoop earrings do I currently offer in my shop?"
4) Naked Jewelry's Question: "What stone in my featured items section looks like "sun in a stone"?"
5) Execute Me's Question: "What type of berries do I sell in my shop?"

So, you could have a total of 6 entries: 1 entry for posting your favorite item from Riverside Jewelry Designs's shop, and 5 more entries by answering the questions correctly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome Naked Jewelry!

Please welcome our newest member, Naked Jewelry! Naked Jewelry does incredible metalsmithing! Please check out her shop at nakedjewelry.etsy.com . To the right is a silver shibori cuff bracelet. Naked Jewelry writes, "Shibori refers to a Japanese technique for pleating fabric, resulting in beautiful textures and folds. This Naked Jewelry cuff, created by hand-forged manipulation of fine silver, has much the same shibori look...but is an illusion of fabric created from metal. The illusion continues through the use of textured cloth pressed into the silver to make an embossed pattern."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Execute Me Is Our Newest Member

Please welcome our newest member, Execute Me! She has a beautiful shop and does colorful beadwork inspired by fruits and flowers! Please see her shop at http://executeme.etsy.com !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FancifulForm Quits Her Day Job

Fanciful Form was interviewed by Etsy recently and featured in the newsletter, Storque. She's quit her day job to be a full-time Etsy artist!

Read about it here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/quit-your-day-job-fancifulform-3949/

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fanciful Form and Emily Wiser Jewelry Make Etsy's Front Page

LinkFanciful Form's beautiful Bright Pink Lotus sculptures and Emily Wiser Jewelry's Spring Flowers and Blue Sky stacking rings made the front page of Etsy yesterday. Thanks to PetitOiseau, who created the treasury!

Fanciful Form makes her lotus blossoms by hand. It's attached to a wooden base and makes a beautiful, happy, and tranquil sculpture. My spring flowers and blue sky stacking rings are sterling silver with Arizona sleeping beauty turquoise, rose quartz, and mother of pearl cabochons.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emily Wiser Jewelry on TV making bracelets

On Monday, March 16th, I was on the show That's Clever on HGTV making my dreamcatcher bracelets. Here's a picture of the bracelet I was making (which, by the way, is still available for purchase!). It's called Calm Water.

Click to see my segment on YouTube.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Member - OntheRound

Please welcome our newest member, OntheRound! OntheRound is a fabulous fiber/felt jeweler. Please see her shop at ontheround.etsy.com

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Wondering what to give your Mom for Mother's Day? We have a great selection of gifts right here! Click on the picture to buy!

Riverside Jewelry's Sterling Silver and Copper Cuff Bracelet $67.99

Happy Cloud Moments' Sakura Mist Bracelet $60

Emily Wiser Jewelry's Engraved Mother's Necklace $25

Maria Goti Joyas's Double Hoop Pendant $54

Glassic Gems's Mystical $54

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our First Member Interview: With Riverside Jewelry

Riverside Jewelry is Amanda Coburn of Stillwater, Maine USA.

Q. What is your favorite thing about where you live? What is it like living there?

A. I love the change of seasons in Maine! Each season is so drastically
different from the next- and each one beautiful in it's own way! Our
winters are difficult. We get a lot of snow and see very frigid
temperatures, but it makes us appreciate our mild summers so much more!
Spring is gorgeous with the daffodils poking out through the last remnants
of snow! And Fall is just stunning! If you've never seen the Fall foliage
in Maine, I highly recommend it! It's as if someone spilled red, orange,
green and yellow paint as far as your eye can see!

Q. What kind of jewelry work do you do? Why do you like doing it?

A. I'm a metalsmith by trade so I do a lot of work with sterling silver and semi
precious stones! I like chunky, focal pieces that really catch the eye. I
also like making simple, clean pieces using metal alone. Something that
you can mix and match with any outfit in your wardrobe!

Making jewelry for me is very therapeutic. Working with my hands has
always relaxed me. My husband says I'm the only person he's ever met who
enjoys rolling change! And you can't beat the sense of pride and
accomplishment you get when you finish a piece that you've been working on
for awhile- or you perfectly execute a newly learned technique!

Q. What materials do you work with? What colors do you work with most?

A. I work with sterling silver, copper and brass- but mostly sterling
silver. I also try to incorporate any type of semi precious gemstone and
mineral I can find! I like purples and greens and blues, but also neutral
colors like browns and blacks and whites. Depending on my mood I like to
be able to create pieces that stand out and are very bold, or pieces that
you can wear with anything!

Q. Describe your art education. Are you self-taught? How did you learn? What attracted you to making jewelry?

A. I started making Hemp and beaded necklaces about 7 years ago through books
and online patterns I'd come accross. Eventually my coworkers started
ordering things for themselves or for gifts. My husband realized that I
really enjoyed what I was doing and I was always trying to learn something
new. He bought me an "Introduction to Metalsmithing" class for Christmas a
couple years later, and I've been doing this ever since! Any new
techniques I've learned have been through trial and error. And there have
been many errors! (Thank god for scrap buyers!)
What started out as a hobby has turned in to a full time business!

Q. What was your most exciting piece to make?

A. I really loved making the Leopardskin Jasper Full Persian Necklace. It was
the first necklace I made that incorporated chainmaille and a chunky,
focal, bezel set stone!

Q. What is your most interesting, disasterous, or funny story about making jewelry?

A. My first few times trying to saw through ring bands led to some pretty
nice finger slices! I don't know how many times I walked into the room and
had to preface it with "Dave, it's just a flesh wound! Don't panic!". I
didn't want him to have a heart attack when he saw the blood.

Q. Please talk about three of your pieces.

Tiger's Eye Swirl Bracelet
This piece came out much better than I expected! It started out as an
experiment making funky twists without a jig, and I love how it turned

Faceted Amethyst Floral Patterned Band Sterling Silver Ring
It took me a long time to figure out how to bezel set a faceted stone so
it would be secure and look professionally set at the same time. I really
liked the finished product so much that I bought over 65 carats of faceted
gemstones the very next day!

Thick Bangle Sterling Silver Bracelets
These are by far my best sellers! I listed them and the next day they took
off! I think people really like the thickness of them, and the hammered
texture makes them just shimmer!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our First Team Treasury!

Maria Goti Joyas creates our first team treasury today. Isn't it beautiful? See it up close and personal at http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=45473

Monday, March 2, 2009

What We're About

We represent a sample of jewelry mediums and techniques: metalsmithing, wire-wrapping, bead-weaving, beading, clay, glass, and felting/fiber. Here's our founding members:

Emily Wiser Jewelry: http://emilywiserjewelry.etsy.com
Maria Goti Joyas: http://mariagotijoyas.etsy.com
Riverside Jewelry: http://riversidejewelry.etsy.com

Kaleikyn: http://kaleikyn.etsy.com

Licia Beads: http://liciabeads.etsy.com

Happy Cloud Moments: http://happycloudmoments.etsy.com

Fanciful Form: http://fancifulform.etsy.com

Glassic Gems: http://glassicgems.etsy.com

Pictures. Top-Right: Moonstone, Blue Topaz, and Sterling Silver Ring Set, $35, by Emily Wiser Jewelry. Below (From Top to Bottom) Blue Hyacinth Earrings, $18, by Licia Beads, White Lotus Pendant, $26, by Fanciful Form, Anillo Julia Ring, $64, by Maria Goti Joyas, Alchemy Pendant, $12.50, by Kaleikyn, Still Water Bracelet, $14, by Glassic Gems, Crimsonine Dew Drop Earrings, $7, by Happy Cloud Moments; Seraphanite Ring, $48, by Riverside Jewelry