Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emily Wiser Jewelry on TV making bracelets

On Monday, March 16th, I was on the show That's Clever on HGTV making my dreamcatcher bracelets. Here's a picture of the bracelet I was making (which, by the way, is still available for purchase!). It's called Calm Water.

Click to see my segment on YouTube.


Riverside Jewelry Designs said...

First of all, it was awesome! I watched it on youtube! You were great! Secondly, how the heck did you get on HGTV? You're the best!

Joyce said...

That's so cool~! You are famous!!!

Licia said...

Very cool! Kitty is just adorable.
The cable company took our HGTV away, and we are so sad. I think we were not supposed to get it, oops :)


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